Valedictory Function

On 27.01.2017 NPS Banashankari celebrated the Valedictory function for the year 2016–2017. The day started with an inspirational speech by our respected Principal ma’am, Ms Grace CD, who spoke about the significance of Republic Day, drawing parallels with the running of the school. She highlighted the importance of discharging our duties as responsible citizens and quoted that “Freedom is not doing what we want to do, but doing what we ought to do”. CCA activities for 2016-17 concluded with tableau as its last competition. The four houses were given the theme “Seasonal festivals “. The tableau was a spectacular show of colour, costume and beauty. All four houses performed their best. The cumulative marks were computed and the winners and runners up were declared. The trophy was distributed amidst pomp and glory to the Pioneer house leaders and the house mistresses for having bagged first position in both CCA and Sports. The first runner up was Explorers and the second runner up was Voyagers.

The folding of flags and handing over of badges and saches marked the end of all CCA and sports activities for the year 2016-17. The leaders felt happy for having done their duties well. Kudos to all the winners and the participants!