Grace C.D
National Public School, Banashankari

From The Head and the Heart.. Message from the Principal
Principal’s Vision
“If we want butterflies in the future, we must care for the caterpillars today.”

For every student, the school is a Chrysalis. Children enter the school as small caterpillars, groping their way through the corridors of school life. Here they learn life skills, techniques of learning and art of living. It is here, in the school, that children undergo changes. In the Chrysalis of life, children undergo metamorphosis. The change that takes place in the overall personality of the child is slow but sure. We, the teachers of NPS, Banashankari will be the architects of this change. We will build a Statesman, a Surgeon, an Engineer, an Advocate, another Teacher, a Scientist, etc.

We at National Public School, Banashankari know that if we have to have butterflies in this world, we must give love and care for the caterpillars who come to us and that will be our effort day in and day out. The school, the Chrysalis will protect the children and the teachers will be the catalysts, the driving force, behind this change.

And when our little, bejeweled butterflies, take to their wings, with the inner strength to face all life’s challenges, we know these jewels are priceless and National Public School, Banashankari will have the satisfaction of a job well done.

God bless all the children who enter the Chrysalis of National Public School, Banashankari and my best wishes to them and their parents.