Principal’s Message

Principal’s Vision, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

It is time to open the doors to allow stress free learning, time to connect tender minds to the diversity of culture, time to build characters appropriate to global demand and above all to make the individual responsible for his environment.

Education that is often practiced today, lays a lot of emphasis on the registering and recall of content. In the process, understanding and taking action, often take a back seat. Institutions need to anchor the responsibility of creating an environment to think beyond and ponder over possibilities of exploring greater depth of concepts. Socrates, the philosopher once said “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” When a child learns to think, he actually learns to wonder. And we have to agree that ‘wonder’ is the beginning of ‘wisdom’.


A monument of learning must uphold the spirit of questioning, which allows young minds to accept or reject any school of thought. It is proven that when the freedom is given to choose, a child evolves the courage to state his opinion and thereby cultivate confidence; take pride and stand up for his choice and develop self-esteem! Learning in its stages encompasses decision making, problem solving, effective communication, distinction between right and wrong and thereby social responsibility.

National Public School, Banashankari is an institution which is an epitome of academic excellence along with vital life skills. Students are provided a safe and happy environment to reach their utmost potential in order that they grow up to be proud and worthy citizens of India. They will make their mark in the international arena as true Indians. We are committed to the cause of nurturing the young minds who have been entrusted in our care such that they take responsibility of their learning as well as behaviour and eventually take responsibility of the society at large, as adults. Team National Public School, Banashankari looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our teachers, students and parents. On behalf of the management, I assure all the parents of one of the best schooling experiences for their ward while upholding the motto of the school, ‘Reach Out Reach High Reach Beyond’.

Shyamashree Chatterjee
National Public School,