Parents Orientation 2017 -18

Mr. Srinivas Kumar, Parent of Siddhivinayak and Sumedh X
Thank you so much for an excellent session on this year’s CBSE pattern. I really appreciate the well planned strategy of NPS – BSK for the Pre-Board exam. We parents would completely support teachers on this endeavour.

Mr. Sanjeev P S, Parent of Shreeya Swaraj
  • Good initiative to invite parents to take us through the new CBSE examination format.
  • Very informative and the principal’s passion to achieve excellence is palpable.
  • More interactions such as this is very welcome!

Mrs. Roopa, Parent of Risha Rajesh
This session was very informative and we appreciate your efforts in conducting this session. The new grading scheme was explained very clearly. The new system is clearly honed and needs more effort from students and teachers.

Mr.Sridhara S, Parent of Pratham S IX B
Principal is very clear with her presentation slides in making us to understand the change from CCE to board exams. I thank her for conducting this orientation programme.

Mrs. Anuradha Rao, Parent of Vedanth Rao IX A
Very good orientation programme. The principal’s speech was very helpful and interesting. Thanks a lot for this wonderful information from your staff. Congrats.

Mr.Vijayanand, Parent of Akshay Anand IX A
Very informative session. Do’s and Don’ts to parents was conveyed very humorously. I don’t get much of opportunity to thank teachers. My sincere thanks to teachers of Grade VIII , really happy with my ward’s progress.

Mrs.Dr.Chetana, Parent of Hitha N Bhushan
I was very touched with the motivational talk of the principal towards students.

Mr.Madhusudan Annadana, Parent of Skanda Annadana XA
Many thanks for giving the introduction to the new syllabus. The comparison with the old and new formats was precise and clear. Once again we wish you very best for maintaining the excellent standards.

Mrs.Prathibha Nagendra , Parent of Prabhav N of XB
Thanks for the wonderful orientation program. It was very informative and reassuring. The teachers and staff are very encouraging and committed, which is the reason for the good result. Thank you so much.
Mr.Bheemanappa, Parent of Veerappa Grade I
Excellent orientation programme!! Madam explained in detail about the safety and security given to the child. Overall Excellent!!

Mr.Pankaj Kumar Sarma, Parent of Harshitha K Grade I
I really like the way, the orientation has been presented. Few points were really good.
  1. Very clear and to the point information
  2. All possible questions have covered. Very good homework by respected principal madam.
  3. I felt relief that, my child will be in good hands as she leads a team where she is so disciplined, down to earth and clarity of thoughts.
Thank you for all the details.

Mr.Satish Kari, Parent of Diganth Grade IV
Presentation done by madam, was very good, clear, and very informative to us. The way it was organized, starting from welcoming us, till the refreshments was amazing. I am happy with this and proud to be part of NPS, Banashankari.

Mr.&Mrs. Suddhasattwa Das, Parent of Anushka Das Grade IV
Best introduction session so far we have seen (India / Abroad). Principal madam herself briefed the session and it was impressive. Messaging was crisp and concise. Great hospitality on this day, very kind gesture. Managing the entire program – end to end was smooth. Teachers outside the briefly room was open and helpful with the basic queries.

Mr. T Ramesh, Parent of Neha R Grade VIII
Very nice interaction. No other school has conducted orientation for parents like NPS, Banashankari.

Mrs. Padmapriya, Parent of Dhanyaashri P D
Thank you very much for the orientation session. It was very informative. You were very kind while answering all the questions. The arrangements were excellent. I am very happy that my kid is a part of this culture.

Mrs. Solai Seetha Lakshmi, Parent of C Lakshitha Grade V and C Gokul Grade VII
All our doubts were cleared and it was explained to us in a lucid manner. We were happy to know about the extra activities like yoga, instrumental music, dance etc. We also appreciate the teachers for making a lovely meaningful badge. Thanks a lot.

Mrs.Dakshayani S, Parent of Kruthika Ramaswamy Grade VIII
Thank you for the introduction session today. I am impressed with the discipline and orderliness of the institute and thank you for giving an opportunity to our child to be the part of this esteemed institution. Looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead.