Mrs. & Mr. Sameer S Rajaram Grandparent of Pratham S Kashyap of Grade I C
Well arranged short and sweet programme. We were welcomed in a very good way. Treatment was nice. Programmes given by children were very fine. I thank the management, staff and students for this programme.

Mr. Kavivck Grandparent of Aarabi Vivek of Grade I E
This is a unique function. Yes grandparents play an important role in developing the child in physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual areas. Kudos! to NPS BSK for organizing a Grand Parents days. We are with you. We like it.

Mr. & Mrs. Chaya Somashekhar Grandparent of Ananya Kulkarni of Grade V B
From last four years I am attending grandparent’s day. It has grown immensely year after year. I liked the disciplined and affection shown by every member of the school. All the best in coming years.

Mr. Rajesh Grandparent of D Greeshman of Grade I G
The programme of Grandparent day is good. Thanks to the management for lot of pain taken to conduct the programme in a grand manner.

Mr. & Mrs. K Satya Grandparent of Pranjali of Grade IV C
Its nice to arrange for such a day which makes so many elderly people come together to see their grandchildren performing sunh fine thing.

Mr. Atul Joshi Grandparent of Arya Joshi of Grade III D
Mesmerizing experience kids performance was exceptional. Kudos to teachers and Principal Madam for stitching it all together.

Mr. & Mrs. Murali Agnihotri Grandparent of Akshara Agnihotri of Grade I C
We are much pleased to be a part of todays “Grandparents Day” in your institution. This is really an unique programme that he NPs Banashankari has recognized the importance of grandparents in the all-round development of grandchildren.

Mr. & Mrs. Mayur Gada Grandparent of Aarav Sachine of Grade I D
Thanks for organizing such a great get together. We grandparents are very pleased felt very great. Really, very good event. Superb!!!

Mr. Randhir Jolly Grandparent Avani Sood of Grade V A
This is very well organized function. The students and grandparents are enjoying. Till now we were going to children school as parents but I appreciate your gesture to invite grandparents to the school. We loved it. Thanks

Mr. Subbaraya Grandparent of Samarth Karthik of Grade V B
Very impressive and enjoyable. School and grandson are growing stronger and the process, we grandparents are becoming younger. Thanks to NPs BSK- Principal, authorities and staff. Appreciate continuing the function without break or interruption.