School Picnic - Grade VII

Nature & Adventure Retreat

On 16th November 2016, students of Grade VII along with their class teachers Shewtha Sharma, Anjula A Bishwas, Sreelakshmi S Nair, and Anamika Raj visited the Nature & Adventure Retreat. They reached the place at 10:00 am and a sumptuous breakfast was provided for the students and teachers alike. Rock climbing, rain dance and field games like tug-of-war, throw ball, football and cricket were organised by the team. The ambience of the resort was cool and peaceful and was a typical adventure scenario. The students participated in all the events with great enthusiasm. At 1:00 pm a very delicious lunch was provided. Post lunch the students enjoyed thoroughly by involving themselves into various indoor board games. They left the place around 4:15 pm and reached school at 5:15 pm. Indeed it was one of the most memorable days for both students and teachers.