School Picnic - Grade IV

Our Native Village

The annual trip for Grade IV was arranged on Tuesday, 22nd of November. The venue of the trip was an eco-friendly resort ‘Our Native Village’, situated near Hesaraghatta, Bangalore. The children gathered at the school by 7 am and the two buses carrying children and teachers set out at 7.30 a.m. The journey was fun filled as the kids were enthusiastic and were in the mood of merriment.

At the resort, they were received warmly and treated with decent breakfast. Then the children were taken on a tour of the resort to see the livestock and the pet animals. The children involved themselves in games like badminton, cricket skipping, etc. They also tried their hands at the rare adventures like catapult and kite flying. Then they were taken on a bullock cart ride which they enjoyed the most. The organizers made the children into two groups and indulged them with innovative games which sharpened their competitive edge. Then the children tried their hands at pot making.

Post lunch, the organizers distributed prizes to the winners of the games. Then they were shown the milking of the cow. After the snacks and hot chocolate drink, they left the resort by 3.45 pm. On the whole children gathered a bundle of rare experiences from this trip.