School Picnic - Grade II

Khedda Retreat Resort

On 23rd November 2016 the school had organised a trip for Grade 2 Khedda Retreat Resort. A bus was arranged at 8:45 for all of us to reach the destination. After we boarded the bus, children said their prayer and waved good bye to their parents and our beloved Principle Grace madam. Along the way, we sang, danced and everyone in the whole bus was lively and happy, as the bus passed through various places, we finally reached Khedda Retreat Resort on Kanakapura road. As we got down the bus, there was a warm welcome awaiting us in the resort.

We head straight to the dining area, where hot and delicious breakfast was served. Children had tasty Idlis, crispy vadas, yummy sandwiches and much more. Now they had lots of energy to play. Many activities were organised such as musical chair, bombing the city, passing the ball etc. Which was very exciting and they enjoyed thoroughly. There was prize distribution for those who won these games.

Next they headed to have some scrumptious lunch, they picked their favourites from a wide platter of French fries, noodles, poori- sabji, rice and lip-smacking desserts. Later part of the day they cooled and let loose on the dance floor dancing to the latest Bollywood chartbusters. Children finally ended up playing outdoor games such as slides, swings and see-saw and had lots of fun. At 3 pm children had some mouth-watering snacks and boarded the bus. They were tired but still danced and sang their way to school and reached the school at 4:30 pm. This excursion was truly memorable for us and the children and it has been engraved in our memory forever. We teachers would like to thank our Principal, for giving this opportunity.